“To empower the youth to “RISE” to greatness through the lessons of sport”


“To provide the youth an opportunity to develop their skills and showcase their talent”

The Rise League is a non-profit youth basketball organization located in Central Florida.  Our basketball season takes place during the fall, but we also offer weekly skill development training and multiple basketball camps throughout the year.  We want to inspire everyone to chase their dreams. The “Rise” in our name is inspired by the Bible verse Ezra 10:4. We challenge everyone to be bold in whatever they do and chase their goals relentlessly. Whether it’s something in your everyday life or it’s your lifelong dream. Take that leap of faith and pursue what you’re passionate about. Remember don’t be afraid to dream big!

Orlando Magic & ESPN Volunteer Event


Park Cleaning Community Service

Mentoring and volunteering are two of our biggest focuses when we give back to the community. We develop relationships with our players and offer community service opportunities.

We work with different organizations such as the Orlando Magic and ESPN to provide unique volunteer experiences for our players.

Orlando Magic Girls Camp


Dmitri (Left); Dwight (Right)

The Thompson brothers grew up in Orlando Florida, right here in Meadow Woods. But they realized that it was always difficult to find a local basketball league that wasn’t AAU. It was also difficult to find trainers and mentors in the area as well. Those things were the factors that gave other players a competitive advantage.

Ever since middle school they envisioned building an organization that provided those resources to local players. In 2019 the Thompson brothers decided to make that vision come to life, thus The Rise League was born.


  • Played AAU with E1T1 and Dwight Howard Warriors
  • Won 2 state championships with Orlando Christian Prep.
  • Played 4 years of Division 1 basketball at Elon University.
  • Graduated from Elon with a sport management degree with a minor in communications.
  • Currently in the second year of playing professional basketball overseas.
  • Founder of DT Apparel
  • Founder of Rise League


  • Played 2 seasons for Orlando Christian Prep
  • Won a state championship title his senior year
  • Graduated from UCF with a marketing degree and a c oncentration in Sports business Management
  • Personal basketball trainer
  • Spent time in Los Angeles under the tutelage of Keion Kindred, one of the best basketball trainers in the world.
  • Assistant basketball coach at Orlando Christian Prep
  • Founder/ CEO of the Rise League
  • Founder/ CEO of DT Apparel



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